Attractions and food in Anhui?
17:23 Apr.10, 2014
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Hey, guys. I was considering of a trip to Anhui Province in China. Anybody could tell me typical attractions and Hui dishes? Anything related to Hui culture is highly appreciated.

Re RE:Bess : If you want some recommendations about local Anhui dishes, there are abundant delicious dishes for you. I like the Egg Dumplings and Bamboo shoots cooked with sausage and dried mushroom the most. Then stewed stone frog, stewed soft shell turtle with ham, Li Hongzhang Hotchpotch, Luzhou roast duck, Wushan imperial goose and Bagongshan stinky tofu. These are typical Hui dishes and they are must-order ones when travel to Anhui.

Re RE:Bess : I traveled to Mount Huangshan before, it was great and impressive. Also I went to the other two famous mountains in Anhui Province, Tianzhu Mountain and Jiuhua Mountain. They are awesome. If you want some other sites, Taiping Lake, Chaohu Lake, Huizhou Ancient Town and Shexian County would with a travel.

Re RE:Bess : If you travel to Anhui Province, there are a lot of attractions to visit. Mount Huangshan is the top must-visit. Then ancient towns and villages are popular sites to see. The Hong Village and Xidi are the two outstanding villages that have breathtaking natural views, imposing Hui style architectures and local Hui culture. You should noe miss them.

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