Any beautiful places to take photos for our photo book?
16:09 Apr.11, 2014
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I’m a photographer for a wedding dress company. Now we are working on photo books for some coming to release new styles. We want some places that have beautiful and romantic natural scenery to take wedding dress photos in China. Do you have any recommendations?

Re RE:Cora : Guilin. I think photos taken alongside the Li River or at the drifting boats on the Li River, or at Yangshuo should be very beautiful and romantic. I say so because I’ve been there before and the photos I took are really beautiful.

Re RE:Cora : A fascinating background would add extra points to the romance and uniqueness of the wedding photos. Western Sichuan is my first recommendation. There are many places in western Sichuan are reputed as “the paradise for photography”. There are Hailuogou, Mugesto, Kangding, Xinduqiao, Daocheng, Yading, Tagong, Daofu and Danba, all these places would give the most exciting background for the wedding photos you are going to take.

Re RE:Cora : I would recommend Lijiang and Dali. These two ancient towns have impressive scenery. The water and rivers, and bridges, their natural and mystery, all these are attractive to people. If you go to Lijiang, the beautiful Lugu Lake is a great place to shoot the pictures. If you go to Dali, Erhai Lake and Cangshan are superb destinations for beautiful wedding photos.


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