Best Expats bar in Shenzhen
10:41 Apr.15, 2014
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Expat located here in Shenzhen, new to the place. Was needing some ideas for the best expat bars and restaurants in Shenzhen. Any ideas? 

Re RE:Chelsea : Which district do you live, Chelsea? If you are living in Nanshan District, you can hang out at Shekou where you will find many expat bars and restaurants. There are The Terrace that provides live band music, American and Thai food, the French Kiss Bar where you can have authentic French food and also entertain with dancing and music, the Mustang Sally Chuck Wagon Bar and Grill where you will have a feast to your ears and American style BBQ. 

Re RE:Chelsea : Hey, Chelsea. First of all, I have to say Shenzhen is a great and tolerant modern city and you will soon find your way at the city.
Then, for some expat bars, you can go to the Coco Park area which is located in Futian District and you can get there conveniently by the metro Luobao Line and Longgang Line. At this area, there are many brilliant bars to be found there, such as La Casa, McCawley’s Irish Pub, Club Viva, Demon Bar and Xpats Bar. But among those great bars at this area, I like the Rapscallions Cafe Bar the most. This is a gorgeous bar with friendly service, good atmosphere, nice music and great food. You should try this bar. The address is Coco Park North, Min Tian Lu, Futian District, Shenzhen.

Re RE:Chelsea : Hello, Chelsea. A bar called "Shenzhen Party" near the intersection between Binhe Ave and Mintian Rd is quite nice. There is another bar nearby called "Xpat" which is also good. 

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