Which Chinese cuisine has milder favor?
15:57 Apr.17, 2014
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Hello everybody,

I was in a business trip to Changsha, Hunan. The food there was freaking spicy. I was told that being spicy was the feature of the cuisine in Changsha. I wonder are there any food/cuisine that is less spicy and have a milder taste.

Re RE:Ronaldo : I feel sorry for your experience pal. Being a mild taste eater myself, I can't stand Changsha food either. Changsha or Hunan dishes belongs to Xiang Cuisine, which is famous for its spiciness. Chuan Cuisine in Sichuan province is also spicy, but in a different way. Chinese cuisines with mild taste are Yue (Guangdong), Su (Jiangsu), and Zhe (Zhejiang) cuisines. Yue empharsizes the original taste of the food, while the other two tend to be a little sweet. 

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