Any specialties in Guangzhou to buy?
16:40 Apr.21, 2014
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Hello everyone.

I'm traveling to Guangzhou next week. Now I'm asking if you guys know some Guangzhou local specialties to buy. I want to something that could be used as gifts for my family and friends. Thanks in advance.

Re RE:Jody : When I went back from GuangzhoU, I bought some local herbal tea and Cnaton bacon as gifts for my mum. She loved them. You may also try these.

Re RE:Jody : Huh, Canton embroidery should be great choices, especially for women friends or family members. Canton Embroidery is one of the four famous embroideries in China. They are delicately and exquisitely made with beautiful and artistic patterns, and are very popular among people. 

Re RE:Jody : Hey Jody.
If you want something special, I think you can shop some Canton sculptures for your friends. There are ivory sculptures, wood sculptures, jade sculptures and olive sculptures to buy. These are great to be used as gifts and souvenirs. They are great ones for home furnishings.

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