Some interesting ethnic festivals in China?
15:37 Apr.23, 2014
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Hey, guys. Could you recommend some interesting ethnic festivals in China? I’m quite interested in those unique ethnic cultures and customs, and would like to experience some when I travel to China.

Re RE:Alisa : Well, I would highly recommend the Nadam Fair. It is a traditional festival held by the Mongolian people. The festival is held in every July and August. It is a grand fair when Mongolian people dressed up in their gorgeous costumes and many exciting activities and splendid singing and dancing are enjoyed. Races of horse-riding, wrestling, archery, and many other activities are held. Also during the fair, you can buy various local specialties in favorable prices.
I was lucky to attend the fair when I went to Mongolia last year. It was an extraordinary experience.

Re RE:Alisa : Hello, Alisa.
How about the Spring Plowing Festival that is going to be held recently? This is a festival by the Zhuang minority. There are many interesting activities during this festival. You can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Longji Rice Terrace, take beautiful pictures, but also experience unique local cultures and customs. For detailed information, you can visit

Re RE:Alisa : Hi Alisa. If you travel to Yunnan in the middle of April, you should have chance to join the carnival of Water Festival of the Dai ethnic minority. The festival lasts three days with grand celebration, shopping and water splashing. It is quite interesting. You should find a chance to experience this festival.

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