Anyone to recommend livable cities in China?
17:56 Apr.28, 2014
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Hey. I’ve retired from my work last year and I’ve traveled to some places in last months. Now I’m considering living in China for several years. Actually I’ve been to most of the famous sites in China, what I want now is a livable city. Could you recommend me some to choose?

Re RE:Ron : I think Chengdu is a great choice. Though Chengdu is a hot tourism city in China, it is really a wonderful city to live in. I think Chengdu is a city that has a slow pace and there are really a lot of interesting things to do and discover in Chengdu so that you would never feel boring.

Re RE:Ron : How about Xinyang City in Henan Province? It should be a great city to live in. There are beautiful scenery to enjoy, and cultural sites to explore. Environment is very good. Prices are not very high. It is not very crowded. I’m sure Xinyang is a great city to live in.

Re RE:Ron : Hi, Ron. For those most livable cities with pleasant environment and enjoyable climate, I would recommend cities like Zhuhai in Guangdong Province, Weishai and Qingdao in Shandong Province. I’ve traveled to these cities, and they are really wonderful for a relaxed life.

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