Any Special about Dragon Boat Festival??
15:28 May.14, 2014
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Hi. I’m going to travel to China around the Dragon Boat Festival. So I want to know some specials about Dragon Boat Festival in local China? Thanks.

Re RE:Cora : During Dragon Boat Festival, we usually eat glutinous rice dumpling. Glutinous rice dumpling is called Zongzi in Chinese. Zongzi is made with glutinous rice with various fillings. Usually Zongzi eaten in south China is different from that of north China. Usually Zongzi made in south China has salty fillings like meat or egg yolk, while Zongzi made in north China has sweet fillings like jujube.

Re RE:Cora : Hey, I like Dragon Boat Festival because of the interesting and exciting Dragon Boat Race. During Dragon Boat Festival, there will be Dragon Boat Races held at many places, especially in some ethnic minorities. Last time when I travel to Fenghuang Ancient Town in Hunan, I met the grand Dragon Boat Race held by local people in Tuojiang. It was great.

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