Tips for shopping in China?
11:05 May.22, 2014
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Hey, guys. It will be the first time I travel to China. When I travel to China, I will buy some local specialties for my friends. So I would like to know some information or skills when shopping in China. Is anyone experienced at this? Your advice will be highly appreciated.

Re RE:Cheery : Hey, if you are shopping in those street vendors or tourism markets, always remember to bargain. Before bargain with the seller, it would be better if you decide to buy the item. There would be some skills for bargaining. Like, know some basic Chinese for bargaining would be better. And you should have a price for the item in your mind and try to get down to your idea price. It is said that a moderate deal price should be at least half or one third of the original offering price by the seller.

Re RE:Cheery : Hi, Cheery. I suggest you buy things in local tourism market. Though prices of items in the tourism market vary from each shop or vendor, they provide almost all the special local items for tourists. And you can bargain then you can buy things at a relatively low price.

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