Cool city to avoid summer heat
14:53 May.30, 2014
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Hi. I live in Shenzhen, I like Shenzhen. But the summer is too hot for me. Now I’m planning to move to a much cooler city before the torrid summer comes. Do you know a city that is great to avoid summer heat? Thanks.

Re RE:Berny : Kunming and Dali. The two cities have comparatively mild summers, and the scenery there is definitely great.

Re RE:Berny : Hi, I think Guiyang should be a great choice. Guiyang City is the capital of Guizhou Province. As it is located in Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, it has mild and cool summer. Even in July, it has an average temperature of 24°C. Also, it has great natural scenery with its mountains, rivers and forests to enjoy. You should consider this city if you are looking for a cool city this summer.

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