Li River Cruise

Boasting the No.1 Guilin Landscape among all the waters and mountains in the picturesque Guilin, Li River was listed as one of the top ten watery wonders in the world. A Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo when go for a Guilin tour is the best way to appreciate the fabulous scenery of the Li River. Also it is one of the most popular things to do in a Guilin trip.
A Li River cruise will bring you pleasant and memorable experiences. Indulging yourself in the breathtaking landscapes and you will catch the beauties of verdant mountains, towering karst peaks, limpid waters, grotesque rocks and fantastic caves along the river. You will also be captivated by the beautiful rural scenery on the banks.
Li River Cruise and the Cruise boat
We usually arrange a Li River Cruise from Zhujiang Pier to Yangshuo with a normal cruise boat which is able to accommodate 70-120 people. The cruise trip starts at 9:30AM and it takes 4- 5 hours. Lunch will be served onboard with Chinese buffet. English speaking tour guide will accompany you to tell the legendary stories about the attractions and show you the best scenery you should not miss out along the trip. The boat is very safe and steady, and you do not have to worry about space for luggage and standing on the deck to appreciate the sights.
You may choose to take a group tour or a private tour for a Li River Cruise. Chartered boats are also available if you want a more customized cruise trip.

Li River Cruise Route
Li River Cruise Tours
Essence of Guilin & Li River 3 Days Tour

Essence of Guilin & Li River 3 Days Tour


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Sunrise Photo on Li River and Longsheng Rice Terraces

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Other highlights along Li River
● Xingping Ancient Town
Xingping Ancient Town is located 25 kilometers northeast of Yangshuo County. Reputed as the most beautiful ancient towns along the Li River, Xingping Ancient Town outstands for its stunning natural scenery and historical heritages.

The beautiful scenery of Xingping is a highlight of the Li River Cruise and also the essence of the landscapes in Guilin. The scene printed on the back of the 20 yuan note is just taken from Xingping. Nestling at the foot of mountains and situated on the bank of Li River, Xingping presents a fantastic Chinese painting featured with crystal waters, steep peaks, grotesque caves and inverted reflections of peaks, and bamboos.

Xingping Ancient Town is divided into eight scenic areas, including Natural Mountain and Water Scenic Area, President Fishing Village Scenic Area, Tengjiao Nunnery Religious Scenic Area, Karst Cave Scenic Area, Dayuan Forest Farm Heat-Escape Scenic Area, Xitang Fishing Villa Recreational Scenic Area, Civilian Residence Scenic Area, and Xingping Tourist Service Scenic Area. While essences of the natural scenery of Xingping include Nine Horses Fresco Hill, Screw Hill, Five Fingers Peak, Reflection of Yellow Cloth Bund, and the Scenery printed on 20 RMB note.
There are also many cultural relics to see in Xingping Ancient Town. Ancient features of ferries, temples, bridges, pavilions, paved streets, and residences are still well-preserved in Xingping. Xingping Ancient Street is the main site to see the ancient architectures and feel the ancient time at Xingping.
● Yangdi Village
Yangdi Village is located at north Yangshuo County and situated at the west bank of Li River. The section of Li River from Yangdi to Xingping is the highlight of Li River. Lying among rolling mountains and winding water, Yangdi attracts people with its stunning natural landscapes. The verdant peaks and grotesque rocks that pop up at bend of the river, the inverted reflections of the bamboo shoals and green woods, the surprising appearance of the cormorantfishermen and peasants on the beach, all these make Yangdi a best place to appreciate the beauty of Li River.

Yangdi is home to many famous attractions along the Li River, including Xiangba Island, Celestial Millstone, Moonlight in Wonderland, Yangjiao Hill, Carp Wall, Bride Hill, Mandarin Duck Beach, and so on. When Yangdi is shrouded with mist and cloud, Yangdi is the best place to enjoy the spectacular scenery of misty Li River.Also hiking from Yangdi to Xingping along the Li River to explore the rural scenery and local culture is one of the most popular activities in Guilin tour.
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