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Hangzhou Buddhist Heritage


The Buddhist heritage of Hangzhou can be traced back to the Tsin Dynasty (328AD) when Lingyin Temple was built by the Indian Monk Huili. Buddhism flourished during the Northern Song Dynasty and the number of Buddhist temples around the

West Lake gradually began to increase. Other famous Buddhist attractions of Hangzhou include Hangzhou Buddhist Academy and Yongfu Monastery. It is said that during the prosperity period of Buddhism in Hangzhou there was a recorded 480 Buddhist temples. To this day Hangzhou still has a large collection of Buddhist heritage relics and treasures that reinstates the significance of Buddhist heritage in Hangzhou.

Touring Hangzhou’s Buddhist Temples is best during the early hours of the morning. Whilst strolling through the sacred holy gardens of the Buddhist temples you can take in the beautiful view of the gardens and the unique architecture of the different temples. Enjoy the hazy scenery and sound of birds singing in the gardens. If you’re looking for a place to have peace at mind listening to the calming you can listen to the Buddhist chants resonating throughout the temple. For the ultimate unique experience you should visit Jingci Temple which is one of the Ten Scenes of West Lake. In the evening the sounds of the bell from Jingci Temple can be heard chiming across the West Lake.