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Ancient Culture Street
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This tour not only enables you to appreciate the highlighted places of interest in Beijing and Tianjin, also have a pleasant trip to the famous summer retreat Chengde Mountain Resort.
It was the first weekend after the spring festival holiday when I went there. Shoes on the wood cart, both are handicrafts. All kinds of decorationsTake a look at children beside the door, very Chinese style.AllegroThe ripe pear cake is hot to sale, very popular, so do
Continue and the last of our Xian Tour..Shuyuan Gate - experience the ancient charm Shuyuan Gate Ancient Culture Street is not far from the Drum Tower. There is an ancient and tall archway in the west corner of the street, with two eye - catching couplets on both side the archway. The sides of the st…
Located in north China,Tianjin is only 1.5 hours drive from Beijing.It is a good travel destination.Mixing Chinese and Western features,Tian is a city with European-style architecture, ancient Chinese streets, beautiful coastline and picturesque mountain.The Haihe RiverHaihe River, formed by five lar…
Tianjin, a metropolis stands beside Beijing, but in a quite different posture. Tianjin city is not as that proud as Beijing, not that luxury as Shanghai, not that ancient as Xian, not that natural as Hangzhou... It is a city of low-key style, a charming quiet metropolis that attracts many people trav…