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Ancient Water Town
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You will visit enjoy the Li River cruise during the tour and enjoy the scenery along the river. Daxu Ancient Town is well known for its traditonal architecture. Plus you wont miss out on the wonderful attractions of Guilin!
This tour enables you not only to see some of the most popular attractions in Shanghai, but also to enjoy the charming scenery of waters and bridges at elegant Xitang Water Town.
Zhouzhuang is an ancient water town in the South of China, it has nine hundreds history. The most famous attraction scenic spots are the former residence of Shen Wansan, rich ONKYO, Shuang bridge, Shen hall, Strange house and Zhouzhuang... The rich Onkyo is the three-dimensional bridge only which is …
Deriving its name from a sacred Buddhist mountain at the center of the island, Mount Putuo is an island in Zhejiang province. It is a renowned site in Chinese Buddhism that covers about 12.5 square kilometers and has many famous and sacred temples, and it is considered the bodhimanda of Avalokitesvar…
There goes a local saying “a land flowing with milk and honey, House of Silk”. Do you know which place does it refer to? Yep, that is Wuzhen Water Town. Today we are going to experience its innate beauty, after all, seeing is believing. Wuzhen Water Town, located in the northern …