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Chinese food tips
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During this Guilin and Yangshuo 4 day tour, you will have some experience countryside biking and learn how to cook Chinese food. You will also take a Li River Cruise and wander West Street!
Peony Yan Cai (Luoyang Yan Cai), a cuisine with local characteristics in western Henan, and has always been listed as the first dish of Luoyang Shui Xi (Water Banquet).As the most peculiar dish to Luoyang, Luoyang Shui Xi is noted as “Top Banquet under the Heaven” with the origin …
Liuzhou, an important regional center city of Guangxi, is the backdrop of the first episode of the video “A Bite of China”. Today, let’s take a look at the food and food-related stories here. No.1 Taste In the Chinese culture, the taste not only relate to the taste of th…
Chongqing Cuisine is also known as Yu Cuisine (渝菜) in China. It belonged to Sichuan cuisine before the third time for Chongqing recovery as a municipality and has spicy and sour aroma characteristics, especially numb spicy. According to historical records, Sichuan cuisine originated in the ancient …