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Dianchi Lake
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This day trip of Kunming is a relaxing tour around Dianchi Lake, you will visit the main scenery of Kunming such as Western Hills, Dragon Gate, Yunnan Ethnic Villages and Yunnan Nationalities Museum.
Main Sights in Kunming:Dianchi LakeDianchi Lake is the biggest freshwater lake in Yunnan.It is also the sixth biggest lake in China. The lake is crescent-shaped, 24 miles in length and 8 miles in width. The scenery around the lake is very beautiful.There are four hills surround the lake ,making a pic…
Dianchi Lake, the largest lake in the Yunnan province, also referred to as Kunming Lake or the Pond of Kunming and in the good old days as the Marsh of Southern Yunnan, is a scenic stretch of water located on a plateau to the southwest of the City of Kunming. Additionally, Dianchi Lake is regarded as…
Dianchi Lake is known by different names like Kunming Lake and Lake Dian. It is situated near to Kunming in the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau. This freshwater lake is having a nickname – ‘Sparkling Pearl embedded in a Highland’.Dianchi Lake was model for Beijing’s Kunming Palace located in Summer Palace…