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Fruit Valley
The best way to get to know a city is joining China Tours, we provide all of Fruit Valley information. Meet new people and get Fruit Valley details about tour packages, travel guides, blogs, photos and Q&A with China Tour Advisors. Enjoy our highly valued service with budget prices, great choice to save cost for single travelers, friends and small groups.
Xinjiang province is the biggest province in China and with the development of tourism in the cities, Xinjiang tourist attractions are becoming more well known. Discover the wonderful cities with our 12 day tour which will take you to the best locations you can imagine!
You will not only capture the essence of Beijing by visiting its highlighted attractions, also you will get the special fruit picking experience and enjoy the atmosphere of Chinese Mid-autumn Festival.
Once on the traditional Silk Road, Xinjiang is the biggest province of China, with splendid natural scenery. This 8-day Xinjiang tour will surprise you with beauty of Kurban Tongut Desert, Wucaiwan, the multi-colored Bay, Wild Animal Protection Area, Kanas Lake, Wusaitan, Ghost City, Sayram Lake, Guo…
Khorgas Port (Horgos Port) Whilst taking a trip to Yili visiting the famous Khorgas port is essential. The port is located 42 kilometers from Huocheng county in Yining, which is on the border between China and Kazakhstan. Khorgas port is one of the three main ports of Xinjiang and over the past few y…
To most of people, Lavender is related to dreaming place, romantic, sea of purple, and France. Almost every young girl has ever dreamt of strolling in the lavender field. Lavender, Provence from France came to the Ili vanilla wizard, in Yili has been reproduced over 40 years to take root.Its such an …