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Furong Street
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During this Guilin and Yangshuo 4 day tour, you will have some experience countryside biking and learn how to cook Chinese food. You will also take a Li River Cruise and wander West Street!
Imagine there is an old town, a fell asleep big tower, and the narrow ancient stone road, a generous old stone walls, a stream flowing around the city, reflecting the mountain shadow, squatting some little girls on shore. If there is really such a dreamland in your imagination, I can tell you that it…
Dough Sculpture: Jinan folk customsCharcoal Painting: stroll in the streets of Jinan during late winter, followed in the footsteps of spring, to find the customs of old Jinan.Freshly made fried bread: there is no need too many reasons to fall in love with Jinan, just a piece of breadThe Zhang Family …