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Gaochang Ruins
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Come to explore the ancient and mysterious Silk Road tour with us in this Silk Road 10 Days Tour by China Orient Express. Follow us to go through Chinese history by visiting the historical wonders, Buddhism temples, beautiful Chinese classic tour with architectures and historical fortresses. Besides …
The Orient-Express Northern Xinjiang 10 Days Tour is beyond ordinary. Taking the luxury Orient-Express to go inside the North Xinjiang, see the sacred Tianshan Mountain, riding camel at Kumutag desert. This is a China Train Tour once a year, dont miss it.
This fantastic Taoist cultural and scenic tour will take you to the sacred Mount Qingcheng which is the most famous Taoist mountain of China. During your tour you will also have the opportunity to visit Shuimo Ancient Town, Wenchuan Earthquake Site and Sichuan Provincial Museum.