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Guanqian Street
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During this Guilin and Yangshuo 4 day tour, you will have some experience countryside biking and learn how to cook Chinese food. You will also take a Li River Cruise and wander West Street!
Suzhou,located in the south-east of Jiangsu Province, the center of the Yangtze Delta ,is the birthplace of Wu culture.It is built in 541BC having a 2500 years history. During the long history, Suzhou has developed its fascinating history and culture and is called Heaven on Earth.And for 42% of the c…
It’s said that "There is a heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou".Suzhou is called “silk town”.So,where are the big shopping malls in Suzhou?What to buy for friends and family? Today well take a look, Suzhou is not only having many strong local characteristics commercial street goods,b…