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Gulangyu travel
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The Beauty of Gulangyu is very sophisticated. The Beauty of Gulangyu is a little quaint. The Beauty of Gulangyu is very exquisite.The Beauty of Gulangyu is everywhere. The Beauty of Gulangyu is at your fingertips. The Beauty of Gulangyu is the collision from geometry and color. <br
After visiting Gulangyu, I came to Xiamen Renhe Road, where gathering all kinds of Taiwan night market gourmet, such as spicy flavored crabs, Oyster omelet, etc. You don’t have to go to Tanwan and eat the Taiwanese snacks. The cooks are from Taiwan, so the food is very authentic, and the pr…
Gulangyu IslandGulangyu is one of Chinas loveliest island.Lying a short way offshore from Xiamen city, Gulangyu has warm climate, good air quality and abundant beaches.It’s one of the most pleasant places for young couples to travel in China.TransportationBy Ferry-Vistors can take the five-…