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Hainan Island
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Hainan has many golf course. Many of them are famous in the world, especially the Mission Hill course. Mission Hill Course also appears in Shenzhen and dongguan. Now come and enjoy this wonderful Hainan golf tour!
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Chinese mainlands southernmost lighthouse - Jiaoweijiao LighthouseGeographical location: 20 ° 13′.5 N 109 ° 55′ .2 ETower height: 32 m Lamp height: 34 m Range: 18 nautical milesThe Jiaoweijiao Lighthouse is located on the Jiaoweijiao, southwest of the Leizhou Penin…
N0. 6 Beijing -- Mohe (北京--漠河)Cycling routes: Beijing(北京) →Miyun County(密云县) →Luanping County (滦平县) →Longhua County(隆化县) →Weichang Manchu and Mongol Autonomous County(围场满蒙自治县) →Chifeng City (赤峰市) →Tongliao(通辽市) →Ulan Hot(乌兰浩特市) →Morin Dawa Daur Autonomous Ba…