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Hainan tour
The best way to get to know a city is joining China Tours, we provide all of Hainan tour information. Meet new people and get Hainan tour details about tour packages, travel guides, blogs, photos and Q&A with China Tour Advisors. Enjoy our highly valued service with budget prices, great choice to save cost for single travelers, friends and small groups.
Sanya is an ideal destination for honeymoon tour and is also the best choice for a southern China beach holiday. The beautiful views and luxurious accommodation will have you revitalized. Take this 5 day Sanya tour to step into sunshine at the beach and explore the ethnic minorities, rejuvenate your …
As one of the best hotspring resorts in China, the resort is a 5-star complex incorporating services of hotspring holidays. It offers impressive pools of different size and shapes and provides many types of hotspring, including coconut milk pool, coffee pool, and alcohol pool. There are also various …
Come to join this Sanya Golf 4 Days Tour! You will not only enjoy the beautiful sunshine and beach here,but also enjoy the delicious seafood and beautiful girls.This is your dream vacation paradise, this is Sanya tour.
Come to join this wonderful Golf Tour in Sanya! It will bring you a fantastic experience!
You will visit the famous scenic spots in Hainan and also experience buddhism culture here. Our guide will tell you the legend about a young Li nationality hunter chasing a deer.
Hainan is an ideal resort for your winter vacation. You can escape the winter blues at the tropical Hainan. During this 5 day Haikou, Xinglong and Sanya tour you can experience the ethnic minorities and tropical botanical gardens.
As the first important base for protecting and researching mangroves and the ecosystem of coastal zones in our country, Dongzhaigang Nature Reserve is situated in the northeast of Qiongshan City, Hainan Province, and occupying an area of over 3,337.6 hectares, among which the natural vegetation like …
Qingren Gulf also known as Jingxi Gulf got its name because it was nestled at the foot of Luhuitou Mountain that was the Love Mountain in Sanya at the southernmost tip of China. Qingren Gulf and Sanya Gulf could face each other across a great distance. Farther to the south, the Gulf winded its way fa…