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Huanglongxi Ancient Town
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You will visit enjoy the Li River cruise during the tour and enjoy the scenery along the river. Daxu Ancient Town is well known for its traditonal architecture. Plus you wont miss out on the wonderful attractions of Guilin!
Although the reputation of Huanglongxi Ancient Town is not so far and wide as Lijiang and Fenghuang, but it is also has unique style of the thousand years of ancient Sichuan. Huanglongxi Ancient Town is only 40 kilometers from Chengdu, some away from the hubbub and can be felt a lengthy time here. Cl…
Huanglongxi ancient town is one of a handful amcient town which is suitable for one-day tour.Located in the south of Chengdu Plain, 40 kilometers away from Chengdu, 35 kilometers from Shuangliu County,Huanglongxi ancient town is a new hot tourist destination with regional historical significance. Hua…