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Huangshan Travel Guide
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Come and take this tour to explore the spectacular scenery of Mt. Huangshan and enjoy the charming Hongcun to experience the Hui architecture and culture.
Transfer to Mt. Huangshan from Hangzhou to enjoy its spectacular of ancient pine trees, peculiar rocks and peaks, the alluring sunrise and sunset, and the fairy sea of clouds.
Come with this tour for the hiking at Mt. Huangshan, one of China most famous mountains, to appreciate its stunning natural scenery. Also hike at She County to get to know the local rural life.
As one of the most famous and beautiful mountains in China, Mt. Huangshan attracts numerous tourists for its spectacular scenery. Take this challenging hiking tour at Mt. Huangshan to explore its stunning natural beauty.
1. Best time to go You can go anytime to Huangshan especially Spring, Summer and Autumn.If you want to enjoy the stunning scenery on Huangshan,you must consider the weather first.The weather of Huangshan is kind of marine-like. You can feel the temperature getting lower at higher altitudes.Spring is …
After saying goodbye to the mild Spring and hot Summer, we welcome the cool autumn, those beautiful places that have been praised by poets and travelers start to shape out the autumn image, especially if it is not the first time you come.There is an old saying that scenary at Mount Huangshan is as be…
Huangshan is famous for its wondrous pines, fantastic rock peaks, sea of clouds, and hot springs. Nowadays, snow in winter is becoming the fifth wonderful view of Huangshan Mountain. However, it needs great courage to climb Huangshan Mountain in winter. It is really cold.In my view, we can visit Huan…
Come to Mt. Huangshan and enjoy its spectacular of ancient pine trees, peculiar rocks and peaks, the alluring sunrise and sunset, and the fairy sea of clouds. This wonderful tour would be an unforgettable experience in your lifetime.
This Mount Huangshan 5 days tour is escorted by our photographer Mr. Chen Zhongping who was born and raised in Huangshan. He knows just about everything about Huangshan including every plant on the mountain and speaks good English. He knows when and where is the perfect light for photography. Take th…
Huangshan City is named after the famous scenic spot- Mt. Huangshan. It is situated in the south of Anhui Province and bordered on Jiangxi and Zhejiang Provinces. Huangshan city, called Huizhou in ancient times, lies at the southernmost end of Anhui, and is adjacent to Jiangxi and Zhejiang provinces.…