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Whether for the solemn imperial culture or the authentic local culture, Beijing culture has been an indispensible part among the list for people traveling to Beijing. For people trying to learn and know more about local authentic Beijing culture, Hutong and Siheyuan are always the first choice. While…
The historical Siheyuan (Chinese courtyards) are a symbol of ancient Chinese architecture that dates back 2,000 years. The layout of the courtyards is prevalent as a template for many palaces, housing complexes, temples and monasteries. To see the traditional buildings one of the best places to visit…
Jinhai Lake is located about 15 kilometers east of the Pinggu District of Beijing, the water surface accounts for 6.5 square kilometers. Jinhai Lake is now the municipal-level scenic resort and historic site, the municipal tourist holiday zone and national grade AAAA tourism scenic spot. Jinhai Lake …
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