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Inner Mongolia attraction
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This is a specially designed tour to Hohhot to explore the spectacular scenery of grassland and the unique life and culture of Mongolians outside the Great Wall.
Explore the historic and cultural charm of Beijing at its most visited attractions as well as appreciate the essence of the ethnic Mongolian at the beautiful grassland and its places of interest.
This is an elaborately designed tour for you to explore the historic and cultural Xian, the unique scenery of the northwest China in typical Yinchuan, and the ethnic and grassland featured Hohhot.
Recently the movie Wolf Totem is a hit in China. It tells a story about how local Mongolian nomads fight with wolves in order to survive. Besides the thrilling story, people are also attracted by the breathtaking beauty of Wulagai Grassland where the movie was shot. The grassland is really vast and b…