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Inner Mongolia travel tips
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Xilamuren Grassland is a typical highland pastures. In recent years, the local governments continue to invest to improve the reception facilities, so it has become a famous Inner Mongolia Grassland tourist spot.Xilamuren GrasslandHow to play:Walking in the Xilamuren grasslands, you will see the uniqu…
The so-called art, relatively like to express the beauty of incomplete. I met a photographer in Ejin Banner strange forest who had been there for two consecutive years, just for a picture.Most people coming to Ejin Banner would like to see the beautiful scenery in Populus Euphratica, few of them woul…
Chenbahujinzhangfa tribe<img
Located in the Ewenki flag territory of Hulunbeir City, and called as natural oxygen park, Honghuaerji National Forest Park which is a well- known tourist attraction. The endless and lush pine forest and the green will full of your eyes. Walk in the forest, birds fly about, flowers and mushrooms on t…