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Chengdu panda cubs are the cutest things on earth, you will find out it when you arrive at Yaan Bi Feng Xia Panda Protection Base. You will also go to the Ancient Jinli Street to appreciate the ancient Chinese architecture.
This tour of Chengdu will defintely capture the essence of the city. You have the opportunity to visit the famous Giant Pandas, Leshan Giant Buddha and Mount Emei.
Beautiful glaciers, snow-covered mountains, primitive forest and green grasslands are the wonderful parts that show the appealing scenery to the world. The most charming scenery of Sichuan province is covered in this tour line. It is time to take the tour and to visit the wonders of nature in Yunnan …
On this 9 day tour you will enjoy the splendid and colorful attractions of Sichuan. Explore the ancient glaciers of China along with the snow covered mountains along the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. You can also visit the photographers paradise Xindu Qiao.
Enjoy a budget yet fun filled trip to Chengdu with our join-in group tours. Visit the amazing Dujiangyan Irrigation Project, Panda Base and Jiuzhaigou Valley in 6 Days! Jiuzhaigou Valley is a beautiful winter wonderland. Dont miss out on this fantastic opportunity to visit the amazing Chengdu!
Enjoy yourself and have a good time in Sichuan with this amazing 5 day tour. This tour line is an ideal tour route for people who want to visit Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou. If you are fond of outdoors and nature, the colorful Jiuzhaigou is a perfect attraction that can meet your need. If you love deliciou…
Chengdu is not only the hometown of pandas, but there are many other things and places that worth to be visited! Taking a tour to Jiuzhaigou which is famous for its breathtaking sightseeing is an ideal plan for people who love nature and travel! This tour route will give you a lot of famous tourist a…
Jiuzhaigou is located in Jiuzhaigou county, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan province. It has the altitude of more than 2000 meters. There are 108 lakes in Jiuzhaigou. It has the reputation of “Fair tales”Feeling of visiting1. Nowadays most customers will trave…
On this tour, you have the opportunity to learn about the old Ba-shu culture, enjoy the magical scenery of Jiuzhaigou and admire the gorgeous view of Huanglong Scenic Area. Primitive forests, flowers, lakes, waterfalls and natural hot springs will make this a wonderful tour.
Many people say, Jiuzhaigou is the worlds most beautiful paradise, so I must go and see.Jiuzhaigou stoneWalk into the Jiuzhaigou scenic spot, you will feel like entering a fairy tale world, a paradise on earth. Before travelling to Jiuzhaigou, I have seen countless beautiful scenery, but Jiuzhaigou r…