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As the world heritage, Tulou building has attracted thousands of tourists from different countries all around the year. This tour route is special customized for you to experience Tulou building and the Hakka Cultural. Hakka people live as a whole big family in Tulou, the unique dwelling form. Tulou …
Xinjiang province is the biggest province in China and with the development of tourism in the cities, Xinjiang tourist attractions are becoming more well known. Discover the wonderful cities with our 12 day tour which will take you to the best locations you can imagine!
Wuerhe Ghost City, also known as Wuerhe Wind City, is located 100 kilometers northeast of Karamay city and covers an area of about 30 square kilometers. It is a region with unique wind-eroded geological feature. It gets the name of “Wind City” because of the frequently howling win…
Once on the traditional Silk Road, Xinjiang is the biggest province of China, with splendid natural scenery. This 8-day Xinjiang tour will surprise you with beauty of Kurban Tongut Desert, Wucaiwan, the multi-colored Bay, Wild Animal Protection Area, Kanas Lake, Wusaitan, Ghost City, Sayram Lake, Guo…