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Lama Temple
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This is an elaborately designed Beijing tour themed at culture. From the ancient culture to modern culture, from imperial culture to local culture, you will get deep understanding of Beijing culture by visiting its most highlighted cultural sites.
Take this tour to enjoy beautiful scenery in China at this spring. You will capture the essence of Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou. This tour will bring you extraordinary experience and memories.
You will not only capture the essence of Beijing by visiting its highlighted attractions, also you will get the special fruit picking experience and enjoy the atmosphere of Chinese Mid-autumn Festival.
This is a specially designed winter tour in Beijing, including exploration of Beijing’s highlighted historical and cultural attractions, exciting skiing at Nanshan Ski Resort, sightseeing of magnificent ice lanterns and sculptures in Longqing Gorge, and hot spring experience.
Please check our Fixed Departure Tibet Tour Calendar. It shows all available tour days and how many people have signed up. The min. group size is 2 persons, the max. group size is up to 12 persons.This is a specially designed tour for the exploration of famous holy monasteries in Lhasa, Gyantse and…
Chinese New Year is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays. It is also known as “Spring Festival”, since the spring season in Chinese calendar starts with lichun, the first solar term in a Chinese calendar year. It marks the end of the winter season, analogous to the Western Carniva…
The Guozijian, located in the Guozijian Street (or Chengxian street) in the Dongcheng District, Beijing, the imperial college during the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties was the last Guozijian in China and is an important national cultural asset.The Guozijian or Kuo Tzu Chien, the School of the Sons of …
The Yonghe Lama Temple is located in Dongcheng district of Beijing inner city, which is the citys largest Tibetan buddhist temple and determined by the state council national the key temple of Buddhism in the Han nationality area in 1983. This temple is mainly composed of three delicate arches and fi…