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Mount Huangshan
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Explore the city highlights in Xian, visit the top attractions like Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Shaanxi History Museum and Big Wild Goose Pagoda. To enrich your experience of the ancient China in Xian, you will also appreciate the gorgeous scenery at Mt. Huashan.
Come with this wonderful tour to explore the essence of modern Shanghai, the beautiful landscapes in Hangzhou, the quaint classical gardens in elegant Suzhou, the spectacular sights at Mount Huangshan, and the charming Hui villages in Hongcun and Xidi Village.
Capture the essence of Mt. Huangshan and enjoy its spectacular sights with this tour. Famous scenic spots like Shixin Peak, Bright Summit, Flying-over Peak, Pen Peak, and Paiyun Pavilion are all included in this tour.
Take this tour to explore the beauty and spectacular of Mt. Huangshan. Overnight at the summit to enjoy the breathtaking sunrise and sunset. Also you will visit the Huizhou Culture Museum and Tunxi Ancient Street with this tour.
Transfer to Mt. Huangshan from Hangzhou to enjoy its spectacular of ancient pine trees, peculiar rocks and peaks, the alluring sunrise and sunset, and the fairy sea of clouds.
This tour bring you to appreciate the spectacular scenery of Mt. Huangshan and also explore the glorious Hui culture at She County.
This tour brings you to capture the essence of Hangzhou at West Lake and Linying Temple, and the intoxicating scenery of Mt. Huangshan. Also you will have chance to get to know Hui culture at Tunxi.
This tour will take you to discover the treasures of Anhui and Jiangxi province. The tour will take you to the famous Mt.Huangshan, the beautiful ancient town of Wuyuan and the home of China porcelain and ceramics-Jingdezhen. Enjoy the natural scenery in the countryside and learn the ceramics and po…
As is known to all, Huangshan, which locates in city Huangshan of Anhui province, is called the No. 1 Mountain in the World. The famous person—Xu Xiake visited Huangshan twice and exclaimed that “The landscape of the Five Famous Mountains belittles that elsewhere, and the landscape of Huangshan Mou…
After saying goodbye to the mild Spring and hot Summer, we welcome the cool autumn, those beautiful places that have been praised by poets and travelers start to shape out the autumn image, especially if it is not the first time you come.There is an old saying that scenary at Mount Huangshan is as be…