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Mount Huashan
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This unforgettable Xian tour brings you to visit Xians most highlighted sites to experience the essence of Chinese ancient history and culture, also it takes you to appreciate the gorgeous scenery at Mount Hua.
Fly to Xian to get the essence of Xian tour by visiting its most highlighted historical and cultural sites. Also you will enjoy beautiful natural scenery at Mount Hua. This short Xian tour by flight will a really unforgettable trip during your life.
Travel with this tour to explore the famous Mount Hua to enjoy its beautiful natural scenery and see the ancient religious temples to experience its profound religious connotation.
Capture the essence of ancient Chinese history and culture by visiting Chinas two most famous historical cities Beijing and Xian. Also you will enjoy beautiful natural scenery with this tour like the tour to Mount Hua.
There are three walking trails leading to Mount Hua, one is the original old path, which is started from the Hua Shan Gorge (Jade Spring) in Western Hills Gate; the other two walking trails are started from Huang Pu Gorge in the gate of East Peak, then take a cable car to the North Peak.Xiyue Temple …
In the modern busy society, there are hermits in Zhongnan Mountain living away from the city. Some of them seek for high level practice, while some are going to experience another way of life different from ordinary people. They try to replicate a life like thousands of years ago, but find it difficu…
Xian, located in central-northwest China, records the great changes and development of the country just like a living history book. As one of the well-known birthplaces of ancient Chinese civilization around the Yellow River area with a history of more than 3,000 years, the city enjoys a great reputa…