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Mount Lushan
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This unforgettable Xian tour brings you to visit Xians most highlighted sites to experience the essence of Chinese ancient history and culture, also it takes you to appreciate the gorgeous scenery at Mount Hua.
Somebody describes Qiantong: it is different from other ancient towns, not only well-preserved, but also gives people the feeling of simple, profound, with strong human spirit and the eastern Zhejiang town charm. The sculptures and patterns on some ancient buildings in the historic town fully reflect…
Lushan is located in Jiangxi province, the outskirts of Jiujiang,near the Yangtze River and Poyang Lake,1500 meters above sea level,it is famous for mountains,green trees,waterfall and waterscape. At the top of the mountains you can breathe fresh air, enjoy the beautiful scenery. The highest temperat…
Violin Lake in the Mountain Lushan is located at the Central Town Park in Guling Street. The lake dates back to 1961, with an area of about 110,000 square meters and the gross storage capacity of 100 million cubic meters. This lake resembles a violin, so it is named Violin Lake. Were going to set out…