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This is an elaborately designed Beijing tour themed at culture. From the ancient culture to modern culture, from imperial culture to local culture, you will get deep understanding of Beijing culture by visiting its most highlighted cultural sites.
You will explore some of the most popular attractions to experience the charm of modern Shanghai. Also you will have a great time at Zhujiajiao Water Town for the discovery of peace and tranquil local life through this amazing tour.
Instant-boiled mutton is a common halal dish, and belongs to a kind hot-pot. Muslim people like this dish very much, especially in the cold winter, eating the hot delicious boiled mutton is one of the big enjoyment of life. The following I will detail this famous dish from its history, cooking and ea…
Tibet is a holy land to visit for most tourists, especially for pilgrims. But also Tibet is a dream land to visit with its many beautiful natural sites. A Tibet tour always includes seeing those spectacular monasteries with strong religious connotation, natural wonders with fascinating landscapes, an…
Over the years Kung Fu has evolved in popular culture, initially it was mentioned in books and comics but over the years it has been transferred to the silver screen. When Bruce Lee burst onto the stage introducing his unique Kung Fu movies to the Hollywood film industry this was the new turning poin…