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Qiao Family Courtyard
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This tour brings you to visit Pingyao and Taiyuan, two famous historical and cultural cities in Shanxi Province. By visiting Pingyao Ancient City and Qiaos Family Compound, you will get to know the glorious history and brilliant culture of Shanxi Province.
Shanxi Province boasts a long history and glorious culture. This tour takes you to visit cities of Datong, Pingyao and Taiyuan, where you will experience the essence of Shanxi ancient culture by way of Buddhist architectures and temples, Shanxi merchant culture and Yungang Grottoes.
Wang Family Courtyard is a master of the Qing Dynasty residential buildings, built through the years of Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong, Jiaqing years. As a traditional Chinese architectural heritage and art houses treasures, Wang Family Courtyard has been widely hailed as "the first Chinese resi…
The Qiao Family Courtyard is one of the major masterpieces of traditional civil architecture in North China. Built in the late 1700s by the influential Qiao family, it lies at Qiaojiapu Village, 54 km south of Taiyuan. It was the residential house of the well-know financier Qiao Zhiyong of Qing Dynas…