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Sichuan cuisine
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Weather:The best time to travel to ChengduFrom the months March to June and September to November are considered the best time to visit Chengdu when its cooler and less rainy.Chengdu is subjected to the sub-tropical monsoon climate as well as the basin climate for the surrounding mountain. Most of th…
Learn the history of the old Sichuan Cuisine culture, professional chopping and slicing technique demonstration and unique cooking experience will make you fall in love with Sichuan cuisine.
Sichuan Cuisine enjoyed a worldwide reputation and was one of the Eight Great Cuisines in China. It’s famous for its hot dishes. I thought the essence of Sichuan cuisine was “hot and spicy”, I stayed in Chengdu for about 2 years and got used to this kind of food. I made …
Sichuan Cuisine (Chuan Cai) has gained wide popularity and universal reputation due to its unique flavor of mouth numbing spice. Originating from Sichuan Province, the essence of Chuan Cuisine is mainly found in Chengdu and Chongqing. Strong flavors, heavy use of oil and peppercorns are the main ingr…