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Stele Forest
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With a long history and rich cultural relics, Xian is a hot destination to get to know ancient Chinese glorious history and culture. This classic Xian tour will bring you to see Xian most visited tourist attractions and you will enjoy the fun brilliant Chinese culture has stored for you.
This unforgettable Xian tour brings you to visit Xians most highlighted sites to experience the essence of Chinese ancient history and culture, also it takes you to appreciate the gorgeous scenery at Mount Hua.
Xian is a famous historical and cultural city with glorious Chinese ancient history and culture, also the city has a rich and brilliant Buddhism culture. This tour will bring you to see the most visited places of interests in Xian and also to explore those classic sites that bear Buddhism culture.
Stele Forest Museum is a place of interest in Xi’an featured with historic and cultural characteristics and it is the place where steles and stone sculptures are reserved. This Xi’an Stele Forest Museum Map shows the layout of the Stele Forest Museum and is an introductive guide f…