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Tianluokeng Tulou
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This tour is designed for those who want to explore the tulou in-depth. These clusters have been inscribed in 2008 by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. The tulou remains one of the symbolic attractions of Fujian.
As the world heritage, Tulou building has attracted thousands of tourists from different countries all around the year. This tour route is special customized for you to experience Tulou building and the Hakka Cultural. Hakka people live as a whole big family in Tulou, the unique dwelling form. Tulou …
Coach tour to the Nanjing and Yongding to see Tulou, Free time on the beach of beautiful Xiamen. Leisure day in romantic island of Gulangyu. This is a perfect combination package of holiday in Xiamen.
At eventide, we came to the foot of Tianluokeng tulou cluster. Our tour guide told us that standing on the mountain to see the earthen structures, and these earth buildings just like flying saucers down on earth. Layers of terraced fields, one square building was surrounded by four round buildings, t…
What’s in your mind when think of summer romance? A sea of blue water, a beach of silver sand, a glow of sunrise or sunset, a mountain of coolness, or a sky of stars? But in my eyes, a night of fireflies that is the most romantic scene at this summer. So to enjoy a night of fireflies we s…