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Apart from the peak forests, Zhangjiajies lakes and caves are also beautiful. On this Zhangjiajie one day tour, take a visit to Baofeng Lake and Yellow Dragon Cave, which is more beautiful than the outside world!
Come with this tour for the hiking at Mt. Huangshan, one of China most famous mountains, to appreciate its stunning natural scenery. Also hike at She County to get to know the local rural life.
Experience the magic of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. Watch the spectacular pillars, cliffs and sea of clouds. Learn about the local Hunan ethnic culture.
This tour integrates ethinic minority cultural and the explorationof unique nature scenery in Zhangjiajie and the magnificent folklore culture in Guizhou. You will be captivated at the Miao Village in Guizhou, the villagers are very hospitable. Taste the local rice wine, watch the cultural dance and…
Hunan province is famous for its picturesque scenery, rich minority culture and fantastic food. This 7 day tour will take you to Changsha, Zhangjiajie and Phoenix Ancient Town for some of the best sightseeing.
Explore Hunan by high speed train and appreciate the thousand years academic institution in Changsha and go to Chairman Maos hometown Shaoshan. You will also visit Zhangjiajie to admire the beautiful mountains and peaks. Lastly you will go to Phoenix Town to experience the minority culture.
If you are looking for a Zhangjiajie tour package. Then this Zhangjiajie Changde and Changsha 7 Days Tour is ideal for you. There are so many tourist attractions waiting to be discovered in Zhangjiajie and Phoenix Town. See some of the most beautiful places like no other! Breathtaking moutain ranges,…
Most of the mountains in Zhangjiajie are in these shapes, pretty and spectacular. When walking in the mountains, looking up only to see the mountains and sky, give you the feeling of isolation.Steep mountain… some of the mountains is good for watch, but not for climbing. When we arrived, m…
The day I went to the Zhangjiajie scenic spot, it was closed because the snow was so heavy. So I spent my first day in the Huanglong Cave. Huanglong Cave is an integral part of the worlds natural heritage, World Geopark, the first national 5A tourist areas Zhangjiajie. It is located at the eastern en…
Tianmenshan cableway is 7455 m long, and 1279 m height. It is one of the worlds longest high mountain cableway, connecting Zhangjiajie city center and Tianmenshan sky gardens together in a speed of 6 meters per second. What can you feel in 28 minutes? I can tell you what I had saw on March 10, from …