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Visit the most famous Guilin for the most wonderful sightseeing. You can also experience a short hike in Longsheng and enjoy the terrace fields of the ethnic minorities village in Longsheng!
Experience the best of Guilin with a visit to the local ancient town in Jiuwu where you can see the traditional architecture. You will also have time to visit the signature attractions of the city.
Wuyi Mountain is a landscape of treasure. Because of the typical Danxia landform, rounding Jiuqu stream, plus the mysterious ancient Minyue culture it gained the title World Natural and Cultural Heritage. This Xiamen Wuyi Mountain Tour will leave you with beautiful memories!
As the world heritage, Tulou building has attracted thousands of tourists from different countries all around the year. This tour route is special customized for you to experience Tulou building and the Hakka Cultural. Hakka people live as a whole big family in Tulou, the unique dwelling form. Tulou …
As one of the famous historical and cultural cities in China, Xian boasts a long history and glorious culture. This tour takes you to see the most highlighted places of interest in Xian to get to know the brilliant ancient history and culture Xian bears.
There are really many beautiful scenic spots attracted numbers of tourists in China, but do you know there are also some mysterious and strange restricted travel areas in China? Just follow me and we will explore some of them together.1 Qiangtang Natural ReserveNot many people can enter this &ld…
Speaking of tunnels, the most typical one is none other than tunnels made in the time when the Chinese people fought against the Japanese invaders. Such hidden underground tunnels connect from one village to other village, from one house to other house, giving the Japanese a heavy fight back. I alway…
When talking about Hainan, people would think of the ends of the earth in Sanya, the sandy beach, Five Finger Mountain, Wanquan River, Tropical Botanical Garden, the beautiful Boao Town, and so on. As long as one has been to Hainan, he would almost visit all these places. In addition to these, do you…
In addition to bustling streets, there are also some old and quiet villages interpreting the beauty of Beijing. 1 Baiyu VillageBaiyu Village is 12 km away from Zhaitang Town, Beijing Mentougou District. It is a historic place full of numbers of heritages. According to folklore, Baiyu had become a mil…
Takes this 11 day tour in China and be amazed by the multiple cities you will visit. This tour perfectly combines mountain views, cityscapes, ancient Chinese gardens and Chinese village culture.