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Universal Parks & Resorts has announced that in 2019 the Universal Studios theme park will be opened in Beijing. The project is worth an estimated $3.3 billion and covers an area of 300 acres, though it has been said that further expansions later on can see the theme park reach an area of 1,000 a…
The Light Rose Garden world tour has finally made its way to Hong Kong for Valentine’s Day! The garden is located at Tamar Park in Hong Kong’s Central District. The rose garden is made up of 25,000 waterproof artificial LED white roses, 25 roses are planted per square meter to create a sea of roses…
A Chibi Maruko-chan 25th anniversary exhibition opens today at the Macao Convention Center. The exhibition has nine different themed areas which are scenes from the Chibi Maruko-chan anime and manga. Visitors can take photos of the various scenes with Chibi Maruko-chan and other characters. Over 5,…
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