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travel to Chengdu
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This fantastic Taoist cultural and scenic tour will take you to the sacred Mount Qingcheng which is the most famous Taoist mountain of China. During your tour you will also have the opportunity to visit Shuimo Ancient Town, Wenchuan Earthquake Site and Sichuan Provincial Museum.
There is an ancient town called Luodai Ancient Town located about 20 kilometers from Chengdu City. It is an ancient town featured with Hakka history and Hakka culture. Because of its beautiful scenery, unique history and culture, and its convenient transportation from Chengdu, Luodai Ancient Town has…
Every city has a representative street where you can discover the most original local city culture and experience local life. In Chengdu, Jinli Street is the right one to know the most authentic Chengdu and experience the essence of Chengdu.As one of the oldest and most commercialized street in the a…
You must have been to Jinli Street to experience the essence of Chengdu when you travel to Chengdu. If you have been to Jinli Street, you must also go to Kuanzhai Alley, which is another famous site to explore and discover the most Chengdu styled culture and life.Kuanzhai Alley is one of the three hi…