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travel to Inner Mongolia
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Come and take this tour to capture the essence of Beijing by visiting its highlighted attractions and also take train to Hohhot to experience the unique Mongolian culture and customs as well as the spectacular scenery of vast grassland.
Taking the luxury Orient-Express to go inside the Inner Mongolia , where some fantasic landscape scenery hidden. I am sure this is a trip you will never forget. And this is a China group tour once a year, dont miss it.
Take this 4 days tour to travel to enjoy the fascinating natural scenery and experience the unique culture and customs of the Mongolian people. The spectacular Gegentala Grassland and historic sites that include Dazhao Monastery, Inner Mongolia Museum and General Government Office.
The ice and snow in Hulunbeir retained the longest time and is the most abundant cultural natural snow in China. The hills are covered with ice and snow seven months in a year.The grand Winter Naadam is a wonderful winter party you can not miss.Except the the winter Naadam scenic,there are many other…
Xibo Wetland is located in Hulunbuir Pasture, and it is a part of Huihe Wetland. Apart from local herdsmen, researchers and occasional travelers, few people have been there, which makes the wetland remain its natural primitive looks.Traveling to Xibo Wetland, you will not only see and appreciate its …
Recently the movie Wolf Totem is a hit in China. It tells a story about how local Mongolian nomads fight with wolves in order to survive. Besides the thrilling story, people are also attracted by the breathtaking beauty of Wulagai Grassland where the movie was shot. The grassland is really vast and b…