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Inner Mongolia Map

If you’re looking to travel to the grasslands and deserts of Inner Mongolia take a look at the map below for some inspiration for the top grasslands and deserts to visit. The locations below are some of the hottest tourist attractions of Inner Mongolia.

Culture & History of Inner Mongolia

Travel Tips

  • 1. Sufficient clothing should be packed before your tour as there is a major difference in temperature between night and day.
  • 2. Due to long periods of sunshine and strong sunlight, UV protection such as sunscreen and sunglasses are required.
  • 3. Take a small first aid kit along with medication that you require, also remember to pack mosquito repellent. If you suffer from travel sickness it is also advised that you bring along travel sickness tablets.
  • 4. While visiting the grasslands and deserts you have the responsibility to take care of the environment, so make sure that any rubbish and cigarette butts are dealt with appropriately and put into bins.
  • 5. Respect the culture and customs of the ethnic minorities of Inner Mongolia. If you visit the Obo do not shout or point at objects as this symbolizes disrespect.
  • 6. When offered milk tea or alcohol accept with both hands do not use your left hand as this is a taboo.