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Macau Cuisine

No one would be able to resist the temptations of delicious Macanese cuisine that has a large variety of types. Used to be the colony of Portugal, Macanese cuisine is actually a blend of the native China and colonial Portugal, as well as places that Portuguese traders traveled along the maritime route during the 16th century. Recipes and seasonings of Macanese come from Europe, Latin America, Africa, India, Southeast Asia, and local China. With its vast variety in cuisine types and large majority of restaurants, tourists have a wide range of choices. From the African Chicken, Minchi, Codfish, to Samosas, Portuguese seafood rice, Serradura, whether you like exotic dishes or local flavored food, you will have a satisfactory taste. Also never ever miss out Macanese snacks, such as Egg tart, Pork chop bun, Almond cake, and egg rolls, all these are very popular and delicious.

Featured Food

African Chicken

Seafood Rice



Pork Chop Bun

Portuguese Egg Tart

Griiled Codfish

Garlic Prawns

Recommended Restaurants

20 Rua da Cunha, Taipa
What’s special:
Portuguese cuisine
Overall Vida Rica
Avenida Dr Sun Yat Sen, NAPE, Macau
What’s special:
Chinese & Western cuisine
Casa de Tapas
9 Rue de Clerigos, Taipa
What’s special:
Prawn tartar, Spanish cuisine
Lord Stows bakery
1 Rua da Tassara, Coloane Island, Macau
What’s special:Egg tart