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Aba Prefecture Night Life

Due to the fact that tourism taking up about 70% of GDP in Aba, large-scale activities mainly exist in touristy places  such as Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong, Songpan. Based on the huge traffic of visitors, festivals and jublee shows are held year round.

International Panda Festival (Every August)

Sichuan is the home to giant panda, a national treasure which evoke people's awareness of ecology protection. At the meantime, giant panda has been a vital symbol of Sichuan tourism. Every year in August, a grand festival is being celebrated in Aba Prefecture, the major inhabitant of giant panda. Activities on the festival include panda-themed cultural show, Qiang gala,and beer carnival.

Hongyuan Yak Culture Festival (Every July)
For a consecutive three days, opening ceremony, recreational and sports activities, economy and trade forum take place in Hongyuan county of Aba. Performances and competitions around yak and Tibetan culture are being hosted. Visitors will be provided with abundant options including Tibetan Opera, archery, Tibetan wrestling, fire ballon riding, autocross, etc.

Jiuzhai Eternity Sentiment Show 
The venue of this 1-hour large-scale cultural show is located next to Jiuzhai Valley Scenic Area. During the show, about 300 artists, full-view stage, and advanced audio and visual deviced together bring up a magnificant performance.  The performance unfold eye-catching stories from Tang Dynasty to Wenchuan earthquake in modern days.
Operation Hours:15:00-22:00