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Baotou Night Life

Singing and dancing are important in Mongolian people’s life. There are more than 130 squares in Baotou where many locals choose to spend their night out there. Most of squares are equipped with entertainment facilities. And you can always find one or two symbol sculptures in it. It also has fitness facilities and pavilions for resting.

There are also many café and bars that are open late and provide variety of dishes in Baotou. Some venues feature nightly Mongolian shows and others cater towards Western tastes.


Bei An Coffee
Location: Shifu Xi Road, Kundulun District

Old Oak Coffee

Location: 12, Xiang He Yuan, Zhaotan Dong Road, Kundulun District


Tang Hui Club

Location: 100 meters south of Haide Club, Kundulun District

Yi Mi Yang Guang
Location: Gongye Bei Road


Shenhua Guoji Yingcheng
Location: Aerding Road, Kundulun District

Qingshan Cinema
Location: Hada Dao, Wenhua Road, Qingshan District