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Chongqing Night Life

Nightlife in Chongqing is much the same as that in other metropolises or big cities in China, but also very unique with its own characteristic.

In this city, you can find numerous types of entertainments for nightlife, boasting bars, movie theatres and dance clubs which bring the city alive in the evening hours. The booming bar industry makes the bars come into being in the streets of Chongqing. Some bars open late till to the next day, Chongqing tends to favor European-style clubs. Most Chongqing bars offer both drinks and dining. Bars that double as restaurants are more expensive, while bars that only serve drinks are markedly cheaper.

Jiefangbei is the buzzing center of Chongqing nightlife, flush with dance clubs and lovely women, while the area around Linjiangmen bookstore, though small, is packed with bars and teahouses. Dozens of elegant bars are scattered around the Datang Plaza area. Deyi World, an underground entertainment district is a great place to get your kicks and eat, too. Yangjiaping, Straight Port Avenue, Jiangbei European street and Binjiang Road all offer a high concentration of night spots.

For something more refined, check out coffee shop located on the ground floor of The Harbour Plaza which hosts live Singaporean music in the evenings.

Chongqing is a cultural and historical city, so its strong cultural atmosphere is also attractive. There are featuring Sichuan Opera, Dragon Lantern of Tongliaone of the recommendations given below to get a taste of Chongqing's nighttime offerings. 

Chuanju (Sichuan opera)
A local opera popular in southwestern China, Chuanju opera features vivid, humorous narration, singing, and acrobatic fighting, showing the optimism and open-mindedness of the people in Sichuan Province. One of the fascination artistic charm of this charming opera is the way the face masks are changed by tearing off, rubbing away, or quickly blowing off one mask to let another one appear.

Chongqing is known for its acrobatics. ‘Balancing on a Plank and Bowls Topping’ by the Chongqing Acrobatic Troupe won a silver medal at the Ninth World Acrobatics of Tomorrow Festival and the troupe’s Plate Spinning and Jumping Through Hoops were winners of the Silver Lion Medal at the National Acrobatics Tournament.

The Dragon Lantern of Tongliang County
TongliangCounty has long been known for its production of dragon lanterns and the dragon lantern dance. The dance features large stage properties, exaggerated dance movements, and a grand atmosphere. It is performed amidst the blowing and beating of Chinese wind and percussion musical instruments and a display of fireworks to present an exhilarating scene of jubilation and celebration.

(1) Yuan Yuan Yuan Tea Restaurant
Offer unique local food and snacks, such as: Longan Milk Tea, Pineapple Shave Ice, Honey black tea, Mung Bean Milk Tea, Green Tea with Mint, Barbecued Pork Rice etc
Address: Hong Kong City, Beichengtian Street, Jiangbei District

(2) Be For Time Tea House
Offers local food, such as Icy Latte, Salt Lemon Soda, Lavender Milk Tea, Sundae Iced Coffee
Address: 54 Tianchen Road, Shapingba District

Chongqing Studio City Cinema
Hollywood films and Chinese blockbusters with English subtitles are available here
Location: 6th floor Metropolis Plaza, Yuzhong District