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Dali Night Life

Nightlife in Dali China is very colorful, centered the Foreigner Street (Yangren Jie). Foreigner Street was named Huguo (protecting the country) Road originally when Yunnan people fight against Yuan Shikai proclaimed himself Emperor.

When Dali became a hot tourist destination, Huguo Road attracted more and more foreign travelers. It's a great nightlife places.Now there are many restaurants, cafes, bars, boutiques on this famous Foreigner Street. When night falls, you can walk around the busy street and find a right place to relax yourself.


Most hotels have karaoke facilities where guests can take to the microphone and belt out classics. The Dali Recreational Centre on Central Jianshe Road, Xiaguan is a popular choice. These are where businessmen and groups of friends go to express themselves and are considered a guaranteed good night. You can sing privately in a booth or serenade the rest of the club.

A word of warning: the Chinese are not shy about singing and will insist that you sing. If you do not want to sing, you can say, “Wo bu hui chang ge” (I cannot sing). One of the coolest things about karaoke rooms is the little button on the wall that alerts an attendant. Need more beer? It arrives within seconds.


The pubs in Dali serve western and local beers, and are popular with the expat community and the locals.Most of the pubs are on Foreigner Street, mainly due to the mixture of cultures and upbeat ambience,which has an atmospheric air to it .

Due to the fact that it is a popular backpacking destination expect to find venues selling cheap alcohol. Book cafes are usually readily stocked up with literature published in a variety of languages, offering a great way to relax.Some of the pubs advertise themselves as book cafes rather than the more traditional style of pub.

Bird Bar
#22 Renmin Rd. Dali
Hours: 10 am till midnight
Description: With the unique design and style, it's become one of the most famous bars in Dali.

Yage Gallery Bar
Address: 46 Bo'ai Rd. Dali
Description: The log construction provides a cozy atmosphere
Hours: 6:00 pm till midnight

Tibetan Cafe
Address: 83 Huguo Rd. Dali
Description: Tibetan décor, th e most popular and busy cafe in Dali.
Hours: 10 am till midnight

Old Cabin Cafe
Address: Huguo Rd. Dali
Description: popular, oldest cafe in Dali.
Hours: 10 am till midnight

Yaxing Hotel "Bubble Car Nightclub"
Address: Ancient City of Dali Tourism Holiday Area
Description: This is a multi-functional nightclub, song hall, dance floor, karaoke bar, and cafe and tea hall. excellent service
Hours: 6:00 pm till midnight